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Oregon's Affordable Video and Audio Specialist
Shooting High Definition in DVCPro HD and XDcam and 4K.
Formats include: NTSC and PAL!

Call: (541) 686-9880 - Cell: (541) 913-0475


Panasonic, Sony & Canon HD cameras available for NTSC and PAL!


HDX900 with NanoFlash XDcam HD recorder

Rear view of HDX900, Nano and SmallHD monitor
We offer our Panasonic HDX900 with NanoFlash digital recorder for XDcam HD digital recording at 50mbps/4:2:2, plus higher/lower data rates in addition to the DVCPro HD tapes. We can dual record to tape and XDcam HD files. The HDX900 comes with a Fujinon HA16X6.3BERM HD wide angle lens that has a good amount of telephoto and matte box. All camera kits includes an iKan 312 LED camera light with dimmer and variable color temperature adjustment from 3200K to 5600K, camera mounted DP6 SDI/HDMI 5.6" monitor and Ikegami HD 8.4" high resolution LCD field monitor. DTS is equipped to shoot PAL format productions in HD or SD. This is a great benefit for European customers needing production services in the Pacific Northwest.


PMW-300 side view

PMW-300 detail
We're very excited to offer our new Sony PMW-300K XDcam HD camera with 14x lens. This camera is an upgrade from the EX3 and records at 50mbps/4:2:2 resolution; meeting broadcast standards around the world. It uses three 1/2-inch HD Exmor 3CMOS sensors for stunning images. It's smaller and lighter than our HDX900 and will work great as an 'A' camera, a b-roll camera, 2nd camera to the HDX900 and more. A key feature for this camera is the Wifi adapter that allows live viewing on a smart phone and creates 'Proxy' files. Proxy files are great for logging, off-line editing and sending over the internet.


C100 with full rig

C100 body only

Canon 7D
Our new Canon 35mm full frame C100/Nano combo gives you high quality recordings in 24mbps/4:2:0 and 50mbps/4:2:2 at the same time. This unit is configured for quick tripod to handheld work with Tilta shoulder rig and Sony tripod mount, DP6 monitor, Zacuto viewfinder and NP battery system for powering accessories. It comes with a 24-70mm F2.8 that has good 'Bokeh' (depth of field) and 100-400mm telephoto lense. We rent prime lenses when needed. The C100 has the same sensor as the C300 and C500, but this less expensive combo keeps prices down with the same quality. We still have our 7D camera for a two camera setup.

A new component for the NanoFlash and PMW-300K 50mbps/4:2:2 recordings is our portable Sony PDW-U2 disk recorder. This unit records to 23, 50, 100 or 128GB disks and is great for transporting or archiving your footage. Moreover, it creates 'Proxy' files when you transfer files to disks. These proxy files are very small compared to the original files and can be emailed for logging and off-line editing. This is a great storage media and safer than hard drive storage. It uses USB3 for quick transfers. We also have rugged hard drives for shipping files.


The Go Pro in case

The Go Pro Hero camera
We have a couple Go Pro cameras with accessories: extra batteries, monitor back, several mounting options and Wifi viewing on Smart phone.

Camera lights include: Frezzi 24 watt HMI unit with softbox or diffussed glass or Lowel Pro light with 100 watt tungsten lamps.

Please call or email for professional references. DVD demo reel available.
Production experience since 1988.

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