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Oregon's Affordable Video and Audio Specialist
Shooting High Definition in DVCPro HD and XDcam and 4K
Formats include: NTSC and PAL!

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The Panasonic HDX900 hi-def camera has a wide angle lens for HD productions. This versatile camera records in 1080i/p and 720p at many frame rates in NTSC and PAL. It comes with a Fujinon HA16X6.3BERM wide angle, full spec HD lens that has a good amount of telephoto as well.

We record XDcam HD at 50mbps/4:2:2 and many other bit rates using a 'NanoFlash' recorder. This field recorder captures High Definition files directly from the camera so you don't have to digitize your material, thus saving you hours of post time. You can have your footage on tape, hard drive, flash memory or Sony Professional Disks. The NanoFlash works with HD or SD camera sources and records in NTSC or PAL.

Additionally, we have the XDR XDcam HD recorder, the big brother to the NanoFlash. It holds 4 cards. This unit is used very effectively in a Sat. Truck to uplink footage, while we are still shooting and recording to the NanoFlash.

We're very excited to offer our new Sony PMW-300 XDcam HD camera with 14x lens. This camera is an upgrade from the EX3 and records at 50mbps/4:2:2 resolution; meeting broadcast standards around the world. It uses three 1/2-inch Full HD Exmor 3CMOS sensors for stunning images. It's smaller and lighter than our HDX900 and will work great as an 'A' camera, a b-roll camera, 2 camera to the HDX900 and more. A key feature for this camera is the Wifi adapter that allows live viewing on a smart phone and creates 'Proxy' files. Proxy files are great for logging, off-line editing and sending over the internet.

We have Sony's USB3 SxS card reader for transferring files very quickly to a hard drive or to disks.

A new component for the NanoFlash and PMW-300 50mbps/4:2:2 recordings is our portable Sony PDW-U2 disk recorder. This unit records to 23, 50, 100 or 120GB disks and is great for transporting or archiving your footage. Moreover, it makes 'Proxy' files when you transfer to it. These proxy files are very small compared to the original files and can be emailed for logging and/or off-line editing. If you don't trust hard drives, this is a great storage media.

The Canon 7D is a fantastic camera for documentaries, commercials, dramatic projects, wildlife and more. Our camera comes with a lens range from 18 mm to 400 mm with a 1.4 extender for a 1,000 mm of telephoto and the 7D's .6 multiplier. The 7D kit includes 5.6" HD monitor, matte box system, focus puller and DXA-SLR by Beachtek that is a XLR to mini converter which overrides the auto gain system for clean audio. We can also do double system recording or back up with digital audio recorder. See our audio section for information on our new Sound Devices 664 mixer/recorder.

The Go Pro Hero camera is a small HD camera used on vehicles, helmets and can go underwater. This is a great little camera for capturing POV and hard to record action in full HD.

Camera lights include: iKan variable color temperature & dimmable camera light, Frezzi 24 watt HMI unit with softbox or the Lowel Pro light with 12 volt - 50 or 100 watt tungsten lamp.

Monitors include: SmallHD DP6 (SDI/HDMI/Component/Composite) 5.6" camera mounted monitor, Ikegami HLM-910P 9" SD/HD composite/SDI unit and/or Sony 8" NTSC field monitor. The various camera lights and monitors are available for any of the camera packages.

LIGHTING: Full ENG/EFP lighting package includes: Sunray 575 watt HMI, Mole 200 watt HMI, 2 Kino-Flo 4 tube Diva daylight/tungsten; ARRI, Lowel & LTM tungsten fixtures with Chimeras and 2 Source 4 JR gobo lights. Lowel DV Creator Kit with accessories. Small, large and 6'x6' flag kits with nets, flags, silk & green-screen; color correction & diffusion materials; C-stands, high roller stands, 9 ft. boom arms, flex-fills, seamless background and assorted grip gear. Our production van has a large RV inverter power system for remote electrical needs, plus a large marine battery system for mobile shoots and a generator.

SOUND: Sound packages includes: shotguns, many wireless units, Sound Devices and Shure field mixers, Mackie 1402 mixer, hand-held and Tram lavalier mics, a stereo mic for British shoots, break-a-way cables, mixer to camera wireless hop, Marantz digital recorder and much more.

EDITING: Editing system includes: dual & quad core Mac Pro and G5 Macs with compressed and non compressed Final Cut Pro systems, Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro, Toast and several terabytes of hard drive space. Mastering & source formats: DVCPro HD, XDcam SD/HD, Beta SP, DVcam, miniDV, Blu-ray, CD and DVD.

SPECIALTY GEAR: Eagle II Doorway Dolly with combo 5' Trovoto Jib Arm & Pedestal. The doorway dolly has removable wings, push handles and a removable pedestal for the jib. The jib arm can handle up to 50 pounds and can be used on the dolly or on a tripod. The jib and the dolly are very portable. Also available is a 15" LCD teleprompter system.

KU BAND MOBILE STREAMING VEHICLE: The mobile production unit is an integrated production van with large amperage electrical system for remote power needs, KU band uplink system, Digital Rapids HD encoder, Final Cut Pro editing suite and more. We can be live with world-wide coverage in a matter of minutes for breaking news, corporate uplinks, Facebook projects, weddings and more.

Please call or email for professional references. DVD demo reel available.
Production experience since 1988.

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